CLS 202

Site Development
CLS is in the process of building a boathouse,   We were a day from pouring a foundation, when we were stopped by the city for inadequate permitting, though we’d gone through the school district permitting process.   Since then, it was learned that state permitting only covered classrooms, not previously enforced.   The building is important for the long term protection of the equipment which has degraded in the weather, and has luckily avoided vandalism and major theft.   It is important for members to be involved in the city planning process underway this summer of 2006, as no plans explicitly exist for a community aquatic center.   We are continuing to actively pursue boathouse development though status of the Natural High property is in question long term.


CLS has 4 functional eights, 4 quad/fours, 4 pair/doubles, 6 tub singles, 4 open water single/wherries, and 6 trainer single sculls, as well as a 25 horse outboard, 2 tin launches, and a
bowsZodiak launch. All equipment has been salvaged, refurbished, or bought very used, but it is an outstanding beginning fleet. Much equipment needs repair and maintenance work done. CLS members last summer took great pride in the junkiest old boats we had, an excellent start.