sweepJunior Rowing Program

The fee for Junior membership in Clear Lake Scullers will be $50 for the year. CLS Juniors is a unique rowing program in the nation in that we emphasize a summer –only rowing season. Junior programs around the US row in the fall through the spring, mirroring the collegiate schedule, and competing in interscholastic competitions . CLS highly values the current interscholastic sports in Lake County, respects the quality of the high school coaches and programs and will encourage and help the rowers to succeed in their favorite high school sport.

Adult Rowing Program rowing

Adult fees are $200 annually or $100 for summer. This is a very inexpensive price (half or less of every other Northern California rowing club). Fees are set to encourage a large loyal membership, even if many members are not taking full advantage of the programs all the time. Members will have the use of facilities year round, and groups may wish to form to race at the many regattas around California year round either in sweep boats or in singles.


Family rates are available $200/summer or $400/annual.