schedulesSculling Sat mornings and by appt

Sweep rowing camp June 28-July 3

Members schedule sweep rowing times throughout year. 

The focus for the busy adult will be to achieve a competence rowingin sculling so that you may use the CLS equipment and facilities. Members will have the use of facilities year round, and groups may wish to form to race at the many regattas around California year round either in sweep boats or in singles. There are races in nearby Petaluma and at Lake Natoma in Sacramento, distances range from 800-meter sprints to 6-mile races.

As with CLS juniors, adults will learn is water safety. Included in the course will be an improvement in swimming skills, sweepconfidence and competence in open water, as well as instruction in hypothermia, fundamental CPR, rescue, and weather patterns. Non-swimmers are highly encouraged to join; we will help you learn this most important life skill.

Sweep rowers will learn the fundamentals of team sweep rowing, boat handling and racing.