High School Summer camp

Monday-Friday       June 28-July 3

8:30 – 10:00 am


Jr Rowing Team

Tues, Thurs, Fri       July 6 – July 23      8:30 – 10:00                



juniorThe program this summer promises to be challenging, exciting, and educational!

We want to welcome a new coach this summer, Annelle Durham, a longtime member.   Mike Sullivan will continue to be involved with helping the junior program assisting Annelle.

Clear Lake Scullers juniors is a unique rowing program in the nation in that we emphasize a summer –only rowing season. Junior programs around the US row in the fall through the spring, mirroring the collegiate schedule, and competing in interscholastic competitions. CLS highly values the current interscholastic sports in Lake County, respects the quality of the high school coaches and programs and will encourage and help the rowers to succeed in their favorite high school sport. Our philosophy is that rowing is a sport that can be done at the collegiate level by most of the athletes in our schools, where it is not likely to be able to find a spot on an intercollegiate volleyball, basketball, wrestling, or football team. rowing

Another unique aspect of CLS Juniors is teaching and training in single sculls. The vast majority of scholastic rowers learn to row only sweep, and often only one side. CLS juniors after a few summers will be able to competently scull, sweep row either side, as well as understand the basics of coxswain skills.

Finally, the most important aspect CLS juniors will learn is water safety. Included in the course will be an improvement in swimming skills, confidence and competence in open water, as well as instruction in hypothermia, fundamental CPR, rescue, and weather patterns. Through rowing at CLS, students will learn skills they can apply to safe boating of all sorts for the rest of their lives. Non-swimmers are highly encouraged to join; we will help you learn this most important life skill.