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2006 - K1 race and Fall Sculling Clinic


Fall 2009 Sculling Clinic





Spring 2013.  

The boat yard is open and supervised from 8 am to noon most Saturdays.  Impove your rowing, row with a team, or learn to paddle or kayak.

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Spring 2013.  

We're open on Saturdays, 8-11 for adult instruction and supervised junior use.





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Summer 2014  Schedule .






Saturday May 10, 2014

8:00 am to 11:00 am


 Learn To Row Day


Saturday May24, 2014

8:00 am to noon


 Learn To Row Day


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Adult Sweep Rowing Camp



Adult Sweep Rowing Camp (Printable)





Youth and High School Rowing, Paddling and Water Safety Camp



Youth and High School Rowing, Paddling and Water Safety Camp (Printable)



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Sept 13 2014


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Clear Lake Scullers is a community based rowing club offering access to rowing and paddling equipment and instruction. Membership is open to the public and there are programs for youth and adults year around. The goal of Clear Lake Scullers is to provide broad access to the wonderful asset that is Clear Lake, expose people to a wide variety of aquatic sports with emphasis on safety and competence, as well as teaching the skills necessary for athletes to train and race at the collegiate, masters, or national level. The club is located in the City of Lakeport at the site of Natural High School on Main Street just north of Library Park. Currently, the club is a fenced in yard, but we hope to soon erect a new boathouse.

Come be a part of Clear Lake's first aquatic program!

Mike Sullivan